A video essay about perception, art,
media and disability

Sonia Pigalova and Anton Ryanov
2014-2018, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Anton Ryanov studies Russian avant-garde and informal poetry. He's a philologist who doesn't read books. They are voiced to him by a mechanical voice of a computer program, because due to cerebral palsy, Anton moves involuntarily all the time and lives between tension and relaxation.
How does this experience form a new perception? How can a voice feel like a touch? How does body respond to avant-garde poetry? How do books, music and communication expand the space? How can a computer be a vehicle?
The work was shown at the film festival "Breaking down barriers" in Moscow, in the inclusive film program "Point of View" in the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg and it opened the echo of the festival "Breaking down barriers" in Nizhny Novgorod in the State Center for Contemporary Art Arsenal
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